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28 Dec 2017

Do you have a home or apartment with large windows or sliding doors? The best solution to cover your windows is the versatile Vertical Blind! A variety of styles and colors can give a great finishing touch to the windows and doors around your home or office.  What makes vertical blinds so practical and why do we love them?  Some reasons and advantages below:

Ideal for sliding doors – Finding a practical window covering for sliding glass doors or patio doors can prove to be difficult as they need to be opened from side-to-side. If you’re looking to cover a door that slides from side to side, the versatility of vertical blinds is extraordinary. Because of the design, a vertical blind is the best fit for large sliding doors. These are a perfect alternative where flat, horizontal blinds cannot be used.  With a vertical blind, you can easily access your sliding door and enjoy the outdoors.

 Ideal for big window-Big size windows or largely framed window coverings for wide windows can also prove challenging as the larger the window, the heavier the blind will be.  Very tall or very wide windows cannot be covered with one shade if you went for a different type of blind. The side-to-side function of a vertical blind is such that weight is not a concern!  If you want to take advantage of full daylight or outside views, simply tilt the vertical blinds slats to the fully open position.

Effortless to Cleaning- Vertical blinds don’t usually accumulate dust and dirt in the same way as horizontal blinds or shades do. Vertical blinds are excellent for eliminating dust build up, and this advantage makes it a great option for large door /windows for residents with allergies or dust sensitivities.

Style approach – Vertical blinds have the ability to control light, and some vertical blinds can effectively darken rooms when fully closed. It can be drawn to bring full light exposure or can be shut to increase privacy levels. Vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal decor. From retro to modern and for the style-conscious property owner there is a Vertical Blind which will complement the taste and aesthetic needs.

Affordable –Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable window coverings when compared to alternative blind products like a rollerblind, panel blind, roman blind and venetian blinds. Vertical blinds will be priced substantially lower and the most affordable options with the best quality, whether the doors/windows are a big size or standard size.


Gumtree Blinds provides you with blinds for custom sized windows. There is no “standard size” window so the blinds are made to measure and therefore fit your windows perfectly. Our mission is to be the top contributor to fashionable and well-designed high-quality window treatments that represent value to the customer. We generate a great shopping experience for our consumers by our product quality, innovation and service standards. Contact (08) 93092907 or for a free in-home consultation.


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